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To be a game design and development professional is not only just how much you passionate about playing games of your interest but how to think, design and develop more into plan a strategy, techniques and add more adventure in the game world.

There are many types of 2D, 2.5 D and 3D games available on different platforms like PC based, X-Box, Play station, Mobile, Online, Arcade and others. With the latest technology enchantments like Virtual Realty in games you can have real life world experience being a part of the game world. You can interact with the game environment and its objects with your hand gesture like you do in real world.

You may prefer to choose your kind of game design career like as a racing game designer studio, fighting game, role playing game, sports games or many other depending upon your fascination towards the games.

During game design & development learning, everyone should have to understand the job role and task assigned at every stage of game studio pipeline as an essential component of that game design team which makes him a strong foundation in game design industry with a promising career.

Many job roles are available after getting trained and certified in Game Design & Development technology like Game Designer, Level Designer, Game Developer, Game Artist, Game play programmer, Technical Artist Rigging & Animation, Shading & Effects, Game Producer, Game Tester many more depends upon the kind of game studio.

At AAFT School of Animation, students are exposed to different technologies of Game Industry pipeline starting from Game Idea, Design Document to Game Production Management as well asĀ  various stages and forms of Game Design & Development in UG & PG programs which are the essential and integral part of game design with the strong foundation on art of game design theory with practical including lots of latest trends in game technologies.

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